Warbirds over Gerritsen Beach

Sunday June 30, 2013

Download PDF Flyer Discussion thread on RCGroups.com

  • 450 X 60 Paved Runway
  • Awards
  • Lunch
  • $5.00 Landing Fee (spectators free)
  • Raffles & 50/50 Drawing proceeds to Sandy @ GBCARES
  • Pilot Registration starts at 9:00am

Join us for a good time and help celebrate the rebuilding of Gerritsen Beach, one of Brooklyn’s communities hardest hit by Sandy

Award categories

Builders award

  • The best static model (ARFs are only eligible if significantly modified)

Pilots awards (good model and a realistic flight)

  • best WWI model
  • best WWII model
  • best post-WWII model (such as jets, drones)

People’s choice award

  • A favorite model of the spectators, with no specific criteria

President’s choice award:

  • Something remarkable and unique that happens at the field or in flight

Event winners

  • Streamer combat winner(s)
  • Bomb drop winner

Event categories

Competitive events

  • Streamer combat (WWII parkflyer-size models)
  • If we get enough interest we can also do 1/8 size streamer combat.
    (The rules will depend on the number of participants)
  • Target bomb drop, for the models that have that feature.

Non-competitive events

  • WWII combat simulation (if a lot of interest, we can separate large and small models, one-on-one or pair-on-pair)
  • formation flying. We can separate by size and by era, will depend on the number of participants.


  • RCSMP will donate a 1-year membership for a new club member ($110 value)
    124 Bennett St
    Staten Island, NY 10302
    (718) 727-2194
  • DYNAMIC Balsa
    P.O. Box 107
    310 Walnut St.
    Leonore, IL 61332